A guide to Amsterdam for Amsterdammers
Het Parool is a Dutch national newspaper that is strongly associated with Amsterdam. To reinforce its relationship with the city, they asked me to think about a giveaway for the Parool’s Amsterdam readers. I was moving house at the time, which as well as a lot of hassle, provided me with a valuable insight: when you move, you need to get to know your new neighbourhood. It’s the same story even if you’ve lived in the same part of town forever, as not even people who write guidebooks are familiar with every bar, restaurant and museum in the city (it’s true, I know one). So I decided to create a book that could introduce newcomers to their new hood and allow residents to get to know the whole city better. The result is an insiders’ guide to the city for its inhabitants. 
Spotlight: The inspiration for the cover was a classic instance of form follows function: in one image I had to communicate what the book is (and why people should have it): that’s why I concentrated on neighbourhoods, with a different pattern and colour to make each district stand out, with the addition of tabs to make it obvious that it’s a guide.
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