The Parool group wanted to reward its subscribers with a series of gift vouchers that could be spent at a huge variety of food and drink emporiums ranging from cocktail bars to wine shops, from Michelin star restaurants to an Indonesian
takeaway. I was asked to produce a book listing all the places where the vouchers could be spent and come up with a concept to hold it all together. 

As most of the places had nothing in common besides their inclusion in the book, I decided to search for something, anything at all, that united all of them. I managed to get it down to food and drink, before finally stumbling on two materials that are used to prepare both food and drink: cork (used in wine bottles, place mats and kitchen floors) and copper (cooking pans, champagne coolers and cocktail mugs) and tied it together with another material every self-respecting bar and restaurant has plenty of: marble. Marble at the same time looks like a snapshot of the mixing process of food or drinks.

Spotlight: Two of the more troublesome items in the promotional materials were a folder – this was made of cork. The only problem was the supplier had never made a folder out of cork before, so we had to go to Portugal to make it. The other troublesome dish was the coupons. As these were worth a meal or two, they had to be hard to copy, so I worked with flour in a printing technique featuring rough paper, where the structure is obvious. Though you can’t see it, it feels like you can sieve it.
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