Het Parool had organised a promotion to reward new subscribers with free tickets and discounts at lots of entertainment venues, from theatres to concert halls, opera houses to comedy halls. While this was great for subscribers, it left me with quite a big problem in finding something to unite all these disparate places. 

After a lot of research one object emerged: the stage upon which every musician, comedian, singer and politician stands on. This podium to which they ascend to entertain became the visual link throughout the many items rolled out – and in the case of the main booklet, a physical device, that opened out to expand out like a concertina to form the steps up to the stage.

Spotlight: Many of these campaigns also feature a giveaway too. In this case I chose to make it a fan, as it’s both part of theatre history and visually matches the stage concept at the heart of this campaign. The discount tickets I based on old cinema tear off tickets with the authentic colour scheme to match. The fact that they were rather beautiful was an added bonus.

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